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Winter Notices

As winter approaches and the temperature gets colder outside, we at Night and Day Taxi are all about Safety First. When the need rises and there is a question of wither it's safe to operate, our owners will go out and check the roads in the area and determine if it is safe to open for business. 

Airport Reservations



Need to get to or from the airport? We can provide you with transportation to and from any local airport. Let us know when and where you need picked up and we will be on time to make sure you are there on time. Call or email us for more information and pricing on this service.

Asheville rates apply for all pickups at the Asheville Regional Airport.




Do you have a wedding, convention, or any type of large gathering coming up and not sure how everyone will get where they are going? We can transport you and your guests with our for hire vehicles, or any of our taxis. Let us take care of your transportation needs!

For large groups, please call 48 hours in advance.

A Night Out



   Have you ever thought it would be nice to not have to leave your car at the bar when you have too much to drink? Well that is no longer a worry! Let us come get you and your car and take you both home!!!! Never have to wake up the next morning again without your vehicle in your driveway! 



 Need some light shopping done and are unable? Call us and allow us to do it for you. Call or email us to find out more about this service! 

Note: We are Not allowed to deliver any form of Alcohol.

No Trip is too long or too short


 We strive to provide timely and efficient service to each and every customer no matter when or where you need to go.   

Easy Reservations



There are two easy ways you can make a reservation with us.

1) By calling us at

 (828) 693-8099 

2) By e-mailing us at nightanddaytaxiandtrans@yahoo.com 

 Please give 48 hour notice when     e-mailing a reservation.

For Large groups, Please call 48 hours in advance.